The Northumbrian Saga

“… This was not a world where everyone could live in peace and harmony. This was a place of captives, the dying heart of a kingdom. Here in the shadows of past civilisations, her people were losing their way of life to a new group of strangers from across the sea.”

The Northumbrian Saga follows the story of Aethelwin, a young women in 9th Century Northumbria and the niece of King Osbert. For years her uncle has been fighting to keep his throne from his own step-brother, Aelle, and in order to gain support against his rival, Aethelwin is married into a family from Ripon further south, a political alliance for which she is known as a ‘Peace-weaver’.Special Edition Cover paperback copy 3.jpg

It is not long however, before her new husband switches his allegiance to Aelle the usurper, and Aethelwin finds herself far from home amongst a family and a village who blame her for all their troubles. When she meets Leodgar, a man running from his own troubles, and finally comes to accept the childlike loyalty of her servant Ailith, her father’s favourite and a bastard child, Aethelwin learns how to regain her husband’s favour and help her Uncle towards winning the civil war.

Yet history has its own agenda. Just as the new King of Northumbria takes his place on the throne, the kingdom is violently thrown into chaos by the Danes, led by Ivarr the Boneless and his brothers; Halfdan and Ubbe. Aethelwin and Ailith are caught up in the destruction of York and find themselves as captives of Thorstein and his friend Grendel. In a world on the verge of collapse, alliances are made and broken, and the people they thought they could trust turn out to be the true enemy. Is Thorstein’s promise of protection genuine, or will he prove as dangerous as his countrymen? Will Aethelwin succeed in helping the Northumbrians liberate the Kingdom with the help of her brother and his army, or will she sacrifice her friends and family for nothing?

At what cost will she fight for a kingdom in the final throws of death?

Book One in The Northumbrian Saga Series is now available in a special anniversary edition to celebrate 1150 years since the Vikings first attacked York in 866AD

Ebook ( UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN)







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Praise for The Northumbrian Saga

“This book is very good and captivating. It has a strong sense of suspense. It’s so sad for an entire family to be declared as traitors. What a shock to see a woman gone through interrogation and pain.” Jerry, Goodreads

“Finished the book at 1am this morning! Will there be more? Pretty please?” Vivian, Facebook

“I found this book interesting and a good read through out and would recommend this book to anyone else who enjoy this genre.” rogerc,

“I downloaded this book after finding a recommendation on Google +. I started reading while waiting for my truck to be serviced and became so enraptured in the story that I didn’t even hear them call my name when my vehicle was ready. The story is captivating, containing a multitude of emotions. Beautifully written and descriptive, at times I felt as though I were in the same scenes as the characters. Loved the book! I will be waiting for book #2” Jennifer Culbreth, Author of the Protected Love Series, Goodreads

“I hope that The Northumbrian Saga is the first book in a series. A.H Gray obviously knows much about the fate of Northumbria, and I want to read more.” John Snow, Author of ‘The Viking Series’, Goodreads

Visit Peter Whitaker’s review of The Northumbrian Saga here. Peter is the Author of The Sorrow Song Trilogy

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