A H Gray lives in Western Australian, where she studied History and Archaeology for six years. Influenced by her interest in such subjects, and her love of a good story, a number of ideas and characters have since come to life in the form of her debut novel, The Northumbrian Saga. The novel is intended to be the first in a series of fiction books based on the history and people of medieval Northumbria during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods.

The Series starts with the noblewoman Aethelwin, a fictional niece to the 9th Century King Osbert of Northumbria, and her family’s struggle for survival during the Northumbrian Civil War. Aethelwin soon finds herself forced through her husband’s cowardice to support the Usurper, but just when it seems that all is lost, a new enemy arrives and the Kingdom is changed forever.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi AH Gray! It would be nice to know your name!!! This genre is right up my street and I too have just had my first book published as an ebook, so I know what you have been through, so congratulations and well done.

    I will be purchasing your book this week so will be very interested to see how it pans out, I will be happy to write a review and include that in my blog if you want.

    I wrote on my blog a question regarding the great Heathen Army who had a major impact on Northumbria so if you have any reference material you could point me to I would really appreciate it. (I am not a serious historian, just an enthusiastic amateur) Good luck with the sales!!

    (ps I suppose I shouldn’t mention the Ashes should I?) regards – Mike

    1. Ha Ha, thanks Michael. I’m sure you will know by now why I am laughing. I have just left a comment for you on that very question. I think we were meant to meet!

      A review would be great. I hope you enjoy the book. Now that I have found another fellow writer from this genre I will have to check out yours as well. It’s always interesting to read about different people’s perspectives on this time period (and arguably any time period).

      Good luck with the research and I look forward to your posts!

      (And no… don’t mention the Ashes! I don’t follow cricket as much as a normal Australian would but I have to admit pup and the team aren’t playing their best this season. Sigh!)

  2. Hi, AH ! Bought the book and flew through the first chapter, going really well so far. Love the cover design, very moody and scene setting, will give you a progress report later this week, keep up the good work! Regards – Michael x

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