Interesting Places, Northumberland

Lindisfarne, Holy Island of the north: Part 1

In the early 7th century, the death of King Edwin caused the kingdom of Northumbria to split amongst rival groups. This weakened state made it easier for Cadwallon the King of Gweynedd (northern Wales) to attack the land and under his influence the people had quickly reverted back to their pagan roots. Aided by a… Continue reading Lindisfarne, Holy Island of the north: Part 1

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Anglo-saxon buildings.

There are three ways in which we can find out about the architecture of the Anglo-saxons and Vikings: surviving examples, archaeological excavations, and early descriptions in chronicles, sagas, poems and letters. The best of these would of course be to go and see surviving structures for ourselves. Unfortunately such examples are extremely rare. As I… Continue reading Anglo-saxon buildings.

Interesting Places, Yorkshire

York: The evidence (Part 2)

When people think of York images are conjured up of a number of things: a Roman fort, a medieval walled city, even King Richard the III and the Wars of the roses. Over the past several decades however, thanks to archaeological excavations at sites such as Coppergate, Tanner row and The pavement, York is more… Continue reading York: The evidence (Part 2)

Interesting Places, Yorkshire

York: An Introduction

This post was intended to be a one-off, but I seem to have gotten carried away again. It isn’t entirely my fault really, attempting to discuss the history of a city such as York, even just a general overview, is a big undertaking. This first post then will be an introduction; where, when and what.… Continue reading York: An Introduction


Revealing York Minster

York Minster has been undergoing a bit of an update recently, thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund in the UK. As part of this 5 year revamp, a new exhibition has been opened which has me green with envy. Perhaps I should start saving again for another trip to the UK. The… Continue reading Revealing York Minster