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Wic wic is wich? The Anglo-Saxon trading settlement

The most prominent type of settlement associated with trading activities in the Anglo-saxon period was the Wic, an Anglo-Saxon loan word from the Latin Vicus meaning a dwelling, farm, hamlet, or subsidiary settlements. The Wics were communities very similar to those found in rural areas with the distinction of servicing trade and industry. Most communities… Continue reading Wic wic is wich? The Anglo-Saxon trading settlement

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As part of my plans of outlining aspects of early medieval life I was going to write a post on Trade. In The Northumbrian Saga, Leodgar and Aethelwin are both traders of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and with the invasion of the Vikings comes a whole new orbit of trade and trade partners, including Thorstein. As usual… Continue reading Trade

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Lindisfarne, Holy island of the north: Part 2

Welcome to Part two of the history of Lindisfarne. If you have missed the first part in which Lindisfarne was founded and became a religious, cultural and scholarly mecca, you can read the article here. Unfortunately for Lindisfarne, its rise to prominence also made it a target. The climax of the centre’s history came in… Continue reading Lindisfarne, Holy island of the north: Part 2

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Sisters doing it for themselves?

I recently saw an article pop up on my facebook page that immediately had me excited.Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female.This was followed of course by a very aptly chosen picture of Lagertha from Vikings... which I have also used... shamelessly.But the more I read the article and all… Continue reading Sisters doing it for themselves?

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December update 2013

It seems that when it rains it pours. Like most people I'm guessing December is one of the busiest times of the year for me and this year seems like no exception. I had a number of goals that I wanted to reach with my writing before the end of the year and though I… Continue reading December update 2013

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September Writing Update

September has flown by so quickly that it’s hard for me to believe that a whole month has nearly passed since my last update. The Northumbrian Saga is still moving along nicely in the Amazon/ Kindle store and I have had some very positive responses from readers on, Goodreads and my Facebook page. So… Continue reading September Writing Update

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End of first week being a published Author!

Wow! It's been a crazy few days! After 17 months of researching, writing, and a lot of editing (and freaking out after I published at finding misspelled words), The Northumbrian Saga is out in the world for everyone to enjoy. It started off as a bit of a hobby, something that interested me and passed… Continue reading End of first week being a published Author!

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Historical Figure Profile: King Egbert of Northumbria (York)

Concerning the history of Northumbria and its leaders from 867 until the end of the 9th century, the facts are a lot leaner when compared to previous Kings. From the death of King Aelle and Osbert until 875, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Chronicle of Florence of Worcester only go as far as saying that… Continue reading Historical Figure Profile: King Egbert of Northumbria (York)