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Viking burials under Dublin’s streets

Dublin, Ireland: The archaeological site of Kilmainham-Islandbridge in Dublin “ now demonstrably the largest burial complex of its type in western Europe, Scandinavia excluded”. This has come after a massive 15 year project making sense of the archaeology under Dublin’s streets with results expected to be published in an 800 page report titled ‘Viking Graves… Continue reading Viking burials under Dublin’s streets

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Historical sources rundown

A lot of what we know about the history of the Dark Ages comes from written documents of the time such as land grants, wills, sagas, chronicles and annals either written during the period under study or soon after. For the information i need when writing historical fiction and blog posts i try and use… Continue reading Historical sources rundown

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Historical Figure Profile: Halfdan

Unlike his brothers Ivarr the Boneless and Ubbe, none of the Viking Sagas mention anything of Halfdan or any other similar name (with the one exception of Hvitserk in the Saga of Ragnar's sons, although this figure died in Russia). We are quite sure that they were brothers, however, as Simeon of Durham, Roger of… Continue reading Historical Figure Profile: Halfdan

Historical Figure Profiles

Historical Figure Profile: Olaf the White

This is going to be a long character study so I am just going to get on with it. Olaf the White or Amlaib Konung was a Norse viking king in Ireland who is also rumoured to be the brother of Ivarr the Boneless who attacked York in 866. He is not directly involved with… Continue reading Historical Figure Profile: Olaf the White