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Return of the Vikings

Seven years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Jorvik Viking Festival and ever since I have been dying to return. It has grown over the years to be one of the largest Norse-themed festivals in Europe, attracting over 40, 000 international visitors each year and providing education as well as a whole heap… Continue reading Return of the Vikings

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Whitby through the ages

Summer, twilight, 1890: A man paces through an English seaside town. His long legs move briskly, alive with the thrill of the new discovery that propels him homeward to his writing desk. Bram’s mind ran through the scene he had just left at the library. The book he had been reading had fascinated him, ‘An… Continue reading Whitby through the ages

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Another place that features in The Northumbrian Saga is Ripon in Yorkshire. After marrying the unfaithful Eadred at the beginning of the story, Aethelwin and her half sister Ailith travel south to the opposite end of Northumbria to their new home of Shepworth, a fictional village I set on the opposite side of the River… Continue reading Ripon

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Northumbrian rebellion in 862 and the exile of King Burghred of Mercia

After nearly six months of warfare with Wessex, the pagan army went to London in Mercia for their winter quarters to recuperate. Burghred, the King of Mercia at that time and brother-in-law of King Alfred, purchased a truce from them for a sum of money. Halfdan and his army had already sworn that they would… Continue reading Northumbrian rebellion in 862 and the exile of King Burghred of Mercia

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York: The evidence (Part 2)

When people think of York images are conjured up of a number of things: a Roman fort, a medieval walled city, even King Richard the III and the Wars of the roses. Over the past several decades however, thanks to archaeological excavations at sites such as Coppergate, Tanner row and The pavement, York is more… Continue reading York: The evidence (Part 2)

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York: An Introduction

This post was intended to be a one-off, but I seem to have gotten carried away again. It isn’t entirely my fault really, attempting to discuss the history of a city such as York, even just a general overview, is a big undertaking. This first post then will be an introduction; where, when and what.… Continue reading York: An Introduction

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Where was the Kingdom of Northumbria anyway?

Over the last couple of months on the blog, I have been writing about several Kings and Archbishops (and eventually invaders) of Northumbria. I have even shared with you my journey of writing my first novel, The Northumbrian Saga. I thought then, that it was about time that I acquainted some of you who were… Continue reading Where was the Kingdom of Northumbria anyway?


Revealing York Minster

York Minster has been undergoing a bit of an update recently, thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund in the UK. As part of this 5 year revamp, a new exhibition has been opened which has me green with envy. Perhaps I should start saving again for another trip to the UK. The… Continue reading Revealing York Minster


River Ouse, York

This is one of the many photos of York that I took when I visited in 2011. It was taken from Ouse bridge looking towards Skeldergate bridge and the river Ouse. York is steeped in history as most people know. Not just Viking but Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Victorian, right up until the present day.… Continue reading River Ouse, York