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The history of Jedburgh… and Jedburgh?

The history of Jedburgh especially in the middle and late Medieval period and beyond is fascinating. Being only 12 miles north west of the present English border, like many towns in the borderlands it has found itself caught up with the constant fighting between England and Scotland. The tug of war between the two sides… Continue reading The history of Jedburgh… and Jedburgh?

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Melrose, a tale of two abbeys

Scottish Gaelic: Maol Ros Melrose Abbey is one of those beautiful medieval monastic ruins that bring to mind images of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. Or perhaps it is this Scottish abbey’s long association with Robert the Bruce and Sir Walter Scott (who is largely to thank for its protection and restoration in 1822) that… Continue reading Melrose, a tale of two abbeys

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Northumbrian rebellion in 862 and the exile of King Burghred of Mercia

After nearly six months of warfare with Wessex, the pagan army went to London in Mercia for their winter quarters to recuperate. Burghred, the King of Mercia at that time and brother-in-law of King Alfred, purchased a truce from them for a sum of money. Halfdan and his army had already sworn that they would… Continue reading Northumbrian rebellion in 862 and the exile of King Burghred of Mercia

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First world blogging problems

I have reached a bit of a dilemma this week. Many of the ideas I have had for posts have been a bit heavy on the information side. They have been interesting (well, to me at least), but after writing a few of these posts ahead of time, I am starting to sound a little… Continue reading First world blogging problems


Save the Whithorn Trust

The Whithorn Trust has set up a petition of support in the hope of being granted funding for their archaeological, historical and other research ventures that they provide for the Whithorn area and South-Western Scotland in general. Whithorn is home to the earliest recorded Christian community in Scotland, which is supported by archaeological evidence of… Continue reading Save the Whithorn Trust