Northumbrian rebellion in 862 and the exile of King Burghred of Mercia

After nearly six months of warfare with Wessex, the pagan army went to London in Mercia for their winter quarters to recuperate. Burghred, the King of Mercia at that time and brother-in-law of King Alfred, purchased a truce from them … Continue reading

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is an important date in the Christian calendar. As the first Sunday before Easter it is the beginning of holy week and the lead up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. The week started with Jesus arriving into Jerusalem on the Sunday, followed by his arrest by Thursday, his crucifixion on the Friday, and his eventual resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

It is this first Sunday that we are celebrating today. Continue reading

871: The battle for Wessex, or how Alfred the Great came to the throne.

Since Ivarr the Boneless and his brothers landed in East Anglia in 865 the Anglo-saxon kingdoms of Britain knew no peace. By 875 only ten years later, East Anglia, Northumbria, Mercia and even Wessex all had new rulers. All but one of these kings had been set up at the instigation of the Danish invaders. The exception of course being Alfred the Great, one of the most famous kings in English history. Continue reading

How Ivarr made a saint of King Edmund the Martyr

After subduing York, and the failed attempt to take Nottingham from the Mercian King Burghred and his West Saxon brothers-in-law, the Danes turned their attention to East Anglia. The Danish army, headed by Ivarr the boneless and his brother Ubba … Continue reading

The second attack on York: The Northumbrians strike back

Most people know that in the early medieval period the Vikings came and attacked the various kingdoms of England and that many of them even settled down here afterwards to farm. You may also have previously known that one of … Continue reading

Celebrating All Saints’ Day with a free book

‘All Saints day was exactly what its name implied, the day when every God fearing Christian gave thanks to all of the saints in heaven.’ – The Northumbrian Saga

Happy Halloween- Free ebook giveaway

October 31st, Halloween, the night which gives us all an excuse to dress up in our most ghoulish and ghastly costumes and go from house to house asking for candies and treats. But is there more to Halloween than scaring … Continue reading