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Lindisfarne, Holy Island of the north: Part 1

In the early 7th century, the death of King Edwin caused the kingdom of Northumbria to split amongst rival groups. This weakened state made it easier for Cadwallon the King of Gweynedd (northern Wales) to attack the land and under his influence the people had quickly reverted back to their pagan roots. Aided by a… Continue reading Lindisfarne, Holy Island of the north: Part 1

Durham, Interesting Places

Durham – An amazing World Heritage Site

Jeanette Harvey is the Author of Sisters of the Bruce, the tale of Isabel (Queen of Norway) and Christina (The Countess of Mar) who helped mould the history of Scotland and the world as much as their famous brother, Robert the Bruce. In this re-post from May 2014, Jeanette explains her visit to Durham Cathedral… Continue reading Durham – An amazing World Heritage Site

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Viking burials under Dublin’s streets

Dublin, Ireland: The archaeological site of Kilmainham-Islandbridge in Dublin “ now demonstrably the largest burial complex of its type in western Europe, Scandinavia excluded”. This has come after a massive 15 year project making sense of the archaeology under Dublin’s streets with results expected to be published in an 800 page report titled ‘Viking Graves… Continue reading Viking burials under Dublin’s streets