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Songs to get you in the mood… for writing.

No one does heart break quite like Adele

Since finishing the edits for The Northumbrian Saga, I have thrown myself into writing the sequel (which I am still calling TNS2 at the moment).

It’s strange being at this stage of the writing process again. The setting is still similar and a few of the characters from the first book make an appearance, but other than that I feel as though I am starting all over again. A slightly new time period, some new settings and a bevy of new characters have to be researched and written down.

… although aussie singer Jac Stone gives it a good shot!

Other than burying my nose into the books again, I often find that music is a huge help. I have been having heaps of fun, going through my song lists and creating a new TNS2 themed list. It’s a far cry from the editing process I had gone through with TNS1, which was done in almost silence. I don’t know how other writers edit, but I can’t edit with music. It’s too distracting. But when you are trying to fabricate feelings and atmospheres for love scenes, fight scenes, or even times of sorrow, I use music playing in the background on an almost continuous loop.

Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco. This is one of the very rare instances where after getting almost constant air play on the radio here in Aus, i still don’t mind listening to this song. Not too bad for the winner of the first Australian Idol (2003)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share my top 15 songs that I am using at the moment for Book 2, as well as 15 songs that influenced Book 1, The Northumbrian Saga (15 was as close to 10 as i could narrow it down to).


(192 songs. This will get culled once I get into the rhythm of writing)

Run– Kill it Kid
Can’t Hold us– Macklemore& Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
I’m shipping up to Boston– Dropkick Murpheys (very pirate sounding but I love it)
My songs know what you did in the dark– Fall out Boy
Saturday Night’s Alright (for fighting)– Nickleback feat. Kid Rock

I had my dad’s ‘Yellow Brick Road’ vinyl on repeat when i was a little kid. It used to drive him crazy resetting the needle for me all the time, he he

Rock n Roll Queen– The Subways (For Heledd, the Welsh shield maiden)
7 nation army– The White Stripes
The boys are back in town– Thin Lizzy
Ho Hey– Lumineers
River– Emeli Sande (for Sibbe, Swein and Aelswith’s friend)
You don’t know me– Jac Stone (another one for Sibbe)(Jac Stone sang on the Australian The Voice. She is the one with dark hair in the video clip)
Broken Strings– Nelly Furtado and James Morrison (For Swein, can be used in a number of contexts)
Heard it through the grape vine– Birds of Tokyo Acoustic version (For Swein and Aerinndis)(Not the best quality but it’s all I could find on Youtube)
Misguided Ghosts– Paramore
Shadow of the Day– Linkin Park (this song i use for a couple of deaths  )

And because I really, really wanted to include this in the list as well without going over 15, I am going to give an honourable mention to ‘We are the champions’ by Queen.

All hail King Freddie!

The Northumbrian Saga

(99 songs)

Birds of Tokyo. Good ol’ Perth Band

Broken Bones– Birds of Tokyo (There is also a very beautiful acoustic version of this song which I used for some scenes. However, this fast paced version I used for the invasion of York scenes.)
Kings and Queens– 30 Seconds to Mars
Breath of Life– Florence + the Machine
The Pretender– Foo Fighters
Snakeskin– Gyroscope

Gyroscope, another band from Perth WA (I guess not all great bands come from Melbourne HEY!)

Downfall– Matchbox 20
Best of You– Foo Fighters
Battle Scars– Guy Sebastian (feat. Lupe fiasco)
Rolling in the Deep– Adele
Revolution– The John Butler Trio

JBT- the main singer is originally from Pinjarra, WA and the band found fame busking blues and roots on the streets of Fremantle, WA

So Beautiful– Pete Murray (I can just imagine Thorstein thinking this about Aethelwin)
Frozen– Madonna (for the background music as much as the lyrics)
Turning Tables– Adele
Stay– Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko
Disease– Matchbox 20 (acoustic version)

As a side note: ‘Little Wing’ by The Corrs (or Jimi Hendrix if you prefer the original) was the inspiration behind the name of Aethelwin’s ship, the Lytel Fedra. The closest I could find to ‘little wing’ in Old English was ‘Little Feather’. I chose the name not so much because I like the song particularly, but when I saw the title I thought it would make a nice name for a ship, which was not masculine sounding or relating in some way to violence like most Viking ships.

pretty close to how i imagine the ‘Lytel Fedra’ and Thorstein’s jetty. Although i think to be a trader it might have to be a little bigger.

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