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Happy Halloween- Free ebook giveaway

October 31st, Halloween, the night which gives us all an excuse to dress up in our most ghoulish and ghastly costumes and go from house to house asking for candies and treats. But is there more to Halloween than scaring each other silly with ghost stories and carving pumpkins? In 9th Century England, and in… Continue reading Happy Halloween- Free ebook giveaway

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York: An Introduction

This post was intended to be a one-off, but I seem to have gotten carried away again. It isn’t entirely my fault really, attempting to discuss the history of a city such as York, even just a general overview, is a big undertaking. This first post then will be an introduction; where, when and what.… Continue reading York: An Introduction

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Historical Figure Profile: Ivarr the Boneless

If you have read the previous historical post on Olaf the White of Dublin, then you will already be aware that similarities in the Irish sources suggest that he may have been a brother of Ivarr the Boneless. This has been drawn mostly through similarities in names (Norse Ivarr and gaelic Imar) as well as… Continue reading Historical Figure Profile: Ivarr the Boneless

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First world blogging problems

I have reached a bit of a dilemma this week. Many of the ideas I have had for posts have been a bit heavy on the information side. They have been interesting (well, to me at least), but after writing a few of these posts ahead of time, I am starting to sound a little… Continue reading First world blogging problems