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End of first week being a published Author!


It’s been a crazy few days! After 17 months of researching, writing, and a lot of editing (and freaking out after I published at finding misspelled words), The Northumbrian Saga is out in the world for everyone to enjoy. It started off as a bit of a hobby, something that interested me and passed the time (when I had enough to spare). Being an introverted kind of person, there were times when I was glad that no one knew and could judge my writing, and I seriously thought against publishing it. But in order to succeed you have to give things a go, and the only way to grow and get better is to learn from your mistakes and soldier on! At least I can say I did something that many only ever dream of attempting!

But I don’t want to get too philosophical just yet. The reason why I’m posting is to let you know what all of OUR hard work achieved so far. After all, it is largely thanks to you guys buying the book and encouraging me that have got these results so far.

Since the beginning of the Free promo, I have sold 157 free ebooks. The best rankings that I managed to catch were #1394 Author Sales rank (free), #17 on the Family Saga category (Free) and #27 on the Historical Fiction category (Free). Which I am very Happy with.

[P.S. from 9.29am AWST 18/8/13. It seems that I really do need to learn the ins and outs of Amazon Reports. I seem to have done better than I’d thought and that I was only reading the USA report which I thought was a general overall report. In total I have sold 2 paid for copies (UK and 1 from Australia… Thanks John for being the first and Lily i’m guessing you are the lucky one from the UK?), and a huge 245 free copies. 157 USA, 75 UK, 6 Germany, 4 Canada, 2 Italy, and 1 in India!]

Also, visits to this webpage have doubled and almost tripled in numbers over the past three days which tells me that at least the word is getting out there, which is the whole point of offering the Northumbrian saga for free. To get the word out there!

I have been harassing friends and colleagues and acquaintances both face to face and on-line, pushing the book in their faces so thanks for your patience and support, and not punching me out cold for being a pushy person. I have enjoyed finding new communities and friends in the writing world also which has been fun. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing more with you all.

And lastly, other than another huge THANK YOU to everyone, I promise there will be no more harassment on this scale until the next time I offer a freebie or discount! I’m as sick of pushing people to buy, buy, buy as you guys are probably of hearing it. It’s not my nature, but I hope that you can all see that from those figures, it was all worth it, and that I am hugely grateful šŸ™‚

Until the next post, I hope everyone is well and having a good week!

A H Gray

P.S. Don’t forget to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and anywhere else you can think of… OK, no more, I promise!


P.P.S. Some of my new purchases from the Save the Children Book fair at UWA. A tale of two cities (1921), The travels of Marco Polo the Venetian (1932), King Arthur and the Holy Grail by Sir Malory (unsure:1900s poss post 1903), Nicholas Nickleby (1892-1897), the poetical works of sir walter scott (1910) for a grand total of $15

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