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The Northumbrian Saga Cover

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This is it! The Cover for my first novel, The Northumbrian Saga. What does everyone think?

I absolutely loved it when it was finally finished, but now it is getting closer to the time when I will finally be launching my baby into the water, I am getting cold feet. And not just about the cover. I’m still waiting on feedback from the editor and in the meantime I have been spell checking and line editing and generally making much smaller edits to the story. The over all feeling I’m getting is that it is just about ready. Even my Beta readers have given me back really positive and constructive feedback, but I’m still hanging back. I’m still worried that I haven’t edited it enough. Could this just be last-minute nerves? Perhaps I’m finding fault where there really isn’t any?

So I am handing it over to you guys instead, the cover at least. What does everyone think? Would you read a book based on this cover?

The Northumbrian Saga Final Cover

3 thoughts on “The Northumbrian Saga Cover”

  1. I really like that cover. The combination of the sea, the castle and the atmospheric lighting creates a feeling of mystery and suspense. I would be intrigued by a book that had this on the front, it would certainly make me want to look further into the book.

    I can also understand the nerves, my launch is still several weeks away but I am experiencing everything that you have mentioned above. Stick with it though. I look forward to seeing your book entering the literary world.

  2. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support. I have been messing around with the fonts for the cover so it may or may not change, but the good thing is I still have a little while to make a decision.

    A. J. the only answer i can give you is hopefully soon. I’ll let everyone know in advance of the launch date, plus im planning on offering it for free at some point too (possibly on the launch date or day after) so hold your pennies til then! 🙂

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