Save the Whithorn Trust

English: Archaeological dig, Whithorn Priory T...
English: Archaeological dig, Whithorn Priory The skeletons being unearthed were thought to be from about 1250 but it was going to take much more research to date them accurately. This was in 1990. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Whithorn Trust has set up a petition of support in the hope of being granted funding for their archaeological, historical and other research ventures that they provide for the Whithorn area and South-Western Scotland in general.

Whithorn is home to the earliest recorded Christian community in Scotland, which is supported by archaeological evidence of a community here in the 5th century AD.

There are also an abundance of cairns, stone arrangements, Iron Age forts, crannogs and other early features from both prehistoric and historic time periods from the surrounding area which have been excavated, recorded and published thanks to the efforts of the Whithorn Trust. Some of the finds and a wealth of information on the history of the area and South-Western Scotland can also be found on display at the Whithorn Museum.

But without community and governmental support, the Trust will be forced to stop their research and close down their museum, hindering not only further research into the area’s (and the UK’s) past, but also the loss of jobs within the community.

The Trust is asking all those who are willing, to sign their petition here.

If you would like more information on the Trust, the Museum or any of their past and current endeavours, they also have a website and a blog

By A H Gray

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