Save the Whithorn Trust

The Whithorn Trust has set up a petition of support in the hope of being granted funding for their archaeological, historical and other research ventures that they provide for the Whithorn area and South-Western Scotland in general. Whithorn is home to the earliest recorded Christian community in Scotland, which is supported by archaeological evidence of… Continue reading Save the Whithorn Trust

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Happy St Bede’s Day

That’s right everyone, 1,278 years ago today the man known as ‘The father of English history’ died in the monastery of Jarrow, Durham (although at the time it was in Northumberland as the shire of Durham did not yet exist). The Venerable Bede is most famous today as being the author of the 'Ecclesiastical History… Continue reading Happy St Bede’s Day


Bamburgh Research Project

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland (UK) has a very special significance to me and my novel, The Northumbrian Saga. It is the seat of power for King Osbert, Aethelwin's Uncle, and later becomes the seat of power for her brother and a symbol for 'The North' and it's resistance against Aelle the Usurper and then later,… Continue reading Bamburgh Research Project

Historical Figure Profiles

Historical Figure Profile: Archbishop Wulfhere of York

Unfortunately there are only three primary sources which describe the 9th century Archbishop of York in any detail at all. They were all written by one man, Simeon of Durham, a monk and precentor of Durham from the late 11th and early 12th Century. Presumably, sometime either before or during the year 854, Wimund, Archbishop… Continue reading Historical Figure Profile: Archbishop Wulfhere of York